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Final Entry, I guess

Not kidding. LJ is dead and everything else is pretty much moving to Dreamwidth; I'm jumping on that bandwagon.

I'm on my Tumblr and my Dreamwidth nowadays, and I will continue posting fanfiction here and no longer on this journal. Additionally, nothing other than Cancer and The Alchemist and the Zodiac will be updated (Hopefully) on my Fanfiction.Net Account due to a variety of circumstances, and when they are completed, I will post no new fanfiction there. Currently I am working towards setting up an AO3 account.

It was fun while it lasted guys!


Life update

Two weeks left of this semester before summer vacation rolls in and the pressure of finding a job increases tenfold.

As much as I love living out here, the chances of finding a decent job that will actually HIRE someone like me is close to zero, and the economy does not help at all. But I still need one nonetheless.

I think I'll be posting more on Dreamwidth from now on when I figure out how to import my journal and fic journal, not for archival purposes but more the fact that sign-ups for the HS Shipping Olympics are coming up! I only made it in time for Team English, but this year I actually hope to participate on a team and write fic and all that jazz. BUT I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT TEAM TO JOIN BECAUSE I HAVE TOO MANY HOMESTUCK SHIPS

Also I am passing everything with B's and A's I could not be happier.

Anyways, planning for Expo is coming along nicely. Course I still gotta put together my God Tier cosplay and earn a bit more spending money (hence the job hunt), and my Aunt, who couldn't visit me last year because of her broken leg, has decided to come with me.

This makes me so psyched because my aunt is the biggest anime fan I know in RL and oooh my god this is gonna be SWEET

I played Ib lately on the RPG_Maker, which proved to be tons of fun and all kinds of freaky. Seriously, it's an awesome free game with great characters and I highly recommend it.

That's it. I'm out.

So long Soul Eater fandom, it was fun while it lasted, and fuck you all you intolerant, hateful shippers.

Extreme music feels and a meme

Fandom Tennis Match Meme:

Okay, here's how this is going to work. You comment with a fandom question. I answer it and then ask you a question that has some thematic relevance to the question you asked me.

So Imma casually put this meme here

And then I'm going to roll around in this glorious new album done by awesome people for the rest of the night.

So wait...

Is this actually legit?


Cause if it is holy shit I cannot wait for summer.


When Worlds Collide

So as much as I've been trying to avoid the MLP Fandom as of late, the only thing that will never disappoint me is the fan music.

And as much as the Homestuck fandom can be annoying and weird...

It's definitely one of the most creative, artistically amazing and brilliant fandoms I've ever been apart of.

Original Post

So on one end of the fandom spectrum

SE Chapter 96 Spoilers under the cutCollapse )

Today is officially "weird update day".

Somewhat overdue life update

So I've just been chilling in college lately, enjoying watercolor class and the fact that I don't have to wear three layers of clothing when I go outside. And between writing really random shit that doesn't make sense and watching my Update Notifyer go off at two in the fucking morning (Seriously. Hussie. Do you just not sleep?) I'm waiting for Chapter 96 of Soul Eater.

My period is oddly synced to the release of the SE chapters. I'm not exactly sure what that means...

Anywho, was there some kind of hiatus notice that I missed? Or is Ohkubo just being lazy? I don't even know anymore.

Le sigh. The more I look at the SE fandom now and how it used to be the more I feel...weird lingering regret? Sadness? I dunno what the fuck to feel about it except that it feels like a freaking ghost town and it makes me really depressed. I guess it's to be expected, of course. I doubt I'll ever leave, mostly cause I got my homies at Grigori Wings and everybody there is awesome and we write all sorts of awesome fanfiction every day. We also beta each other's fics and give feedback that normally FFN reviewers can't provide because they just write one or two sentences of of "OMG UPDATE THIS SOON" and that kinda crap. Red cooks delicious food on livestream, competes with Pur and Shi in terms of sit-ups and Halo, Marsh angsts over her silly awesome porn, I stream movies when I find something cool at the library, and we all try to come up with some plan to close the distance between us and take a road trip.

I love this community.

I've also been getting a lot of positive feedback about the Fanbook and I really hope we can make this work out.

There is a mosquito flying around my head as I type this. Jeezus...

Expo is definitely a positive, my brother's coming with me and he's gonna cosplay Hunter S. Thompson from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Likewise, I've decided on God Tier Jade Harley, may or may not also do Liz or Patti depending on the time.

Also, for those of you frustrated with writing, hatesex and short PWP is a helpful remedy. For me, at least. Seriously there is just so much crack smut sitting around on my harddrive I dunno what to do with it.

OK Imma sleep and wonder what in the hell I was doing when I was writing this when I wake up tomorrow around...probably 10.
This girl~~~

WELL IT ALL DEPENDS REALLY I have to get really good grades this year, I gotta save up, work out a budget, find a hotel before they're all booked, BUT WOW IF I DO GO THAT'D BE PRETTY FREAKING AWESOME

My brother wants to go with me, which is pretty neat too and I guess we'll just need one room. And there's also the topic of if I wanna cosplay. If I do cosplay, I might try to go as:

- God Tier Rose Lalonde
- Dog God Tier Jade Harley
- Terezi Pyrope
- Yorda

I just want something simple without too much of a hassle to put on make-up or I could just pick one cosplay for one day and then just wear clothes the next day, but I think I wanna go for...two, maybe three days.

OK time to go to class. Sorry, just kinda had to gush.


And that means it's OTP WEEK EVERYBODY!!~ I have taken upon myself to write stuff for 7 OTPs, one per day. What better way to spend the holiday of FOREVER-ALONE or whatever than to spend it shipping?

That and I am procrastinating stuff. Ehehe...

IN OTHER FANTASTIC NEWS!! Notch, creator of the hit game Minecraft, has offered to fund Psychonauts 2! THIS IS INCREDIBLY AWESOME

Additionally, Double Fine asked fans for help raising money towards their next game. They made it over their goal of $400,000 and are pushing 1 Million as we speak.

I bet big time developers are shitting their pants right now.

SPEAKING OF SMALL-TIME DEVELOPERS AND THES SUBJECT OF SHITTING ONE'S PANTS recently I came across a Japanese game recently translated into English. It's your generic Indie Horror/Puzzle game. The controls looked pretty decent and the puzzle solving was pretty creative.

But there's a pretty damn good reason it's a horror game.

It was called Ao Oni. And if memory serves me correctly, Ao means blue and Oni means demon or ogre or something.


OK, and that's your update and annual Nightmare fuel of the day.

Onto studying for my math quiz.