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Star-crossed Lovers: The life and times of a crossover pairing shipper

23 December
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I'm just your run-of-the-mill hick girl from Southwest Colorado with a few screws knocked loose and a determination to brutally destroy canon as we know it.

You can call me a writer and somewhat anime fan who probably should've spent my teenagehood in the 80's, if my taste for music is anything. I started watching anime at age 13 and since then have been extremely picky with what I watch. Between writing and getting real life stuff done, I watch anime in my spare time, and when I'm not I'm watching American cartoons from the 90's, namely Animaniacs. I strive to become a 3D animator one day, and work for the greatest in the animation field: Pixar.

Living up in the boonies has made me deprived of cons, cosplay and anime merchandise, but I don't really care.

In such, I specialize in crossover pairings that make absolutely no sense, yet I try to make sense of them anyways by pitting the two different characters in an environment where the clashing and blends of their personalities can be appropriately displayed. Those are usually the only multichaptered novella's I will write. Fics in just one catagory are usually oneshots or a collection of oneshots, or told through drabbles.

Music drives my writing. Period.

As for pairing preferance, well, anything goes. Read my fanfics at your own risk. My motto is 'Why must we have pairing wars when we can all just have one big orgy?'.

Despite my dreams to be an animator, I never want to leave the desert. My favorite color is brown and it's many hues, therefore I enjoy eating chocolate. I have a strange fetish for feet and a borderline obsession with peacock feathers. When I have spare time I lurk at www.darkroastedblend.com in search of things worthy of a good, long stare at. Within me burns a passion for Biology, Psychology, and English classes. Math can go play in the street, along with Microsoft Word 2007.

The writing that is my own is strangely styled, but I can't stop myself from writing. People can come after me with pitchforks all they want, I will still write.

I've moved to Dreamwidth now due to a variety of circumstances.